Order a Whole Cow/Pig (Must Read)


Alberta Beef & Pork. The Best.


All our beef and pork is Alberta raised, fresh from the farm.  



Skip the Grocery Store. Buy a Whole Cow. Buy a Whole Pig.

We sell beef and pork sides and quarters. The More You Buy, the Less You Pay!

We explain how it works here and you can pay in the Cut Rite Meats Online Butcher Shop.    

Receive the Cut Rite Meats Quarter & Side Order Form by clicking here

or Email cutriteonline@gmail.com or call the store 403-272-5159 for questions. 

Buying a Side or Quarter of Beef or Pork Made Easy

Cut Rite Meats natural Alberta farm-raised beef and pork. Dry Aged to Perfection.  Sides and Quarters, Stock Up.  Brought to you by Cut Rite Meats, your Friendly Neighbourhood Butcher Shop. Made Easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Save Money.

When you order this way you save money.  Buying a side of beef or pork can be an economical for the family. A good way of filling your freezer. You can stock up and don’t have to stand in line at the grocery store. The More You Buy, the Less You Pay. 

2. Weight.

All hogs & cattle are different sizes and are different weights. No two livestock weigh the same. 

  • PORK we offer 2 choices in weight:   Quarter and the Side (which is half the pig). 
  • BEEF we offer 4 choices in weight   the Quarter and 3 different Side sizes (which is half the steer) that   correspond with the weight of the steers we receive from Alberta farmers.  
  • Beef and Pork Rail Weight = the weight of the beef as it hangs on the "rail" in the butcher's cooler once the head, hide, feet, organs and blood are removed. 
  • Beef and Pork Finished Weight = the actual weight of all the packages of individual cuts of meat that you will put in your freezer. When the carcass is broken down into recognizable cuts, there is some loss when cuts are deboned and fat is trimmed away. For beef this is 20% and for pork this is 25%.

3. Free Delivery.

We provide FREE DELIVERY right to your door and deep freeze. PLEASE NOTE: Beef & Pork Side/Quarters will NOT be delivered in 48 hours. You can also use e-transfer at cutriteonline@gmail.com and you will receive free delivery.



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