Cut Rite Meats & Give Your Dog a Bone FAQ

What is Cut-Rite Meats and Buy Your Dog a Bone?

We're Calgary's local friendly neighbourhood Butcher Shop! We've served with pride since 1972, always promising this:


Cut Rite Rewards

Jimmy the Butcher (Jim Jackson) has been cutting meat since he was trained by his Grandpa Svend.  Generations feeding Calgary and area Alberta families with the best meat produced by Alberta farmers.

Where is Cut Rite Meats and Buy Your Dog a Bone?

You can find us at 2424 50th Street SE, Calgary, AB T2B1M7. Just drive SOUTH on 50th St SE from 17th Ave SE and you'll find us in just a minute or two on the left. | 403-272-5159

Where else can you be found?

You can find us at

Jimmy wants to thank his loyal customers and he announces he has moved to 24 hour delivery and pick up.  Jimmy and staff continue to work hard on your orders every day. 

 Do you Deliver?

DEFINITELY! For orders over $199.95, we will delivery directly to your home in 24 hours! We will text you outside your door before delivery. Payment will be taken online with your credit card. Sorry, we don't accept debit at your door or cash for delivery orders.

What about pick up orders?

You'll be alerted when it's ready within 24 hours. Just come on around and you can pay by credit card, debit or cash.

24 hours?

Delivery and Pick Ups are ready in 24 hours.  Deliveries, however, are not made on Sundays so please keep that in mind when you make your order.

How can we pay at the store?

We accept cash, all major debit and credit cards. 


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