Alberta Wild Game Rules (Must Read)

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At Cut Rite Meats we follow the most stringent guidelines as regulated by the Alberta Government.  We have the utmost RESPECT for you and the animals we process.  We need the proper paperwork included with your animal.

TAGGING NOTE: Antlered moose, elk and deer must NOT be tagged around the antler base. Please review the following instructions.Immediately after killing a big game animal, the appropriate tag(s) must be affixed and securely locked to the animal as follows:

  • trophy sheep, goat - one tag through the nostril and, as soon as the skin is removed from the skull, one tag around the lower bone of the eye socket leaving the horns and eye intact.
  • moose, elk, deer, antelope, bison and non-trophy sheep - through the space between the bone and the tendon of a hind leg directly above the hock and around either the bone or the tendon.
  • bear and cougar - to the skin.


Partner Licence

Upon killing an animal, a partner must immediately inform the primary licence holder (and vice versa – if the primary licence holder kills the animal, he or she must immediately inform the partner) of the killing. The primary licence holder must, immediately upon arriving at the carcass, tag the animal in the normal fashion (click here for more information).Tags must remain affixed until, in the case of :

  • trophy sheep, goat - the animal is registered (click here or scroll down to view Compulsory Registration) and the skin is processed.
  • moose, elk, deer, antelope, bison or non-trophy sheep - the carcass is delivered to: – a premises in respect of which there is a Food Establishment Permit issued under the Public Health Act or Licence for the Operation of an Abattoir issued under the Meat Inspection Act, – the usual residence of the person who killed the animal, or – the usual residence (a residence that is neither a business premises nor attached to such a premises) of a resident of Alberta and that resident is in attendance, and the carcass is cut up and packaged for consumption.
  • bear and cougar - the skin is processed.

To tag your kill using the adhesive tag that comes with your licence, attach the wire loop to the animal as described above for various species and classes. Close and secure the loop by affixing the adhesive tag over the free ends of the wire. 


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