Cut Rite Meats Order A Whole Cow & Whole Pig

Premium Quality Alberta Beef & Alberta Pork at Cut Rite Meats. Buy a Whole Cow. Buy a Whole Pig.Fill your families plate with healthy Alberta Beef and Alberta Pork from Cut Rite Meats.

Alberta born & raised beef & pork, healthy and natural from Alberta farmers to your plate.  Trust Jimmy the butcher to fill your family's plate with Alberta Beef and Alberta Pork by ordering a whole cow or whole pig at an amazing affordable price! 

We sell the Whole Cow /Alberta Beef and Whole Pig/ Alberta Pork by the half a side (quarter) or side (half)  at Cut Rite Meats. 

We offer you AAA Alberta beef. Farm-raised, grass-fed Alberta beef raised in the sunshine and wide open spaces dry aged to perfection. 

4 Sizes in weight for Alberta Beef and 2 Sizes in weight for Alberta Pork.

Click on the links below for the size of Alberta Beef or Alberta Pork you want to Order.Sides and Quarters at Cut Rite Meats are the highest quality meat and very affordable.

ALBERTA BEEF SIZES: Alberta Beef amazing $4.99lb When Buy Half the Steer

  • 1.  Half Side (Quarter) Alberta Beef. $1000.00 -- 150 lb Rail
  • 2.  350lb Alberta Beef. $1789.95 -- 350 lb Rail
  • 3.  430lb Alberta Beef. $2145.70 -- 430 lb Rail 
  • 4.  470lb Alberta Beef. $2340.95 -- 470 lb Rail 

ALBERTA PORK SIZES: Alberta Pork amazing $4.99lb When Buy Half the Pig


  • 1.   Half Side (Quarter) Alberta Pork $275 -- 50 lb Rail
  • 2.   Side Alberta Pork $429 -- 100 lb Rail

MUST READ:  How it Works NEW Order System with Dropdown menus makes it easy as 1-2-3 to customize your order! At Cut Rite Meats we dry-age the beef to perfection hanging it low humidity cool temperature for 21 days which makes it much more tender so it doesn't hold as much water giving it a full flavour and better yield.

CALL THE STORE: 403-272-5159  or email if you have questions.

REMEMBER TO PLAN AHEAD: At least a 2-week wait period for beef sides and quarters, or sooner if available. All beef 21 days dry aged to perfection at Cut Rite Meats. First come first serve. AAA Angus beef. Farm raised grass fed Alberta beef. The best. 

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