The amazing and delicious results when you buy your Pork Butt from Cut Rite Meats.
Eat More Barbecue slow cooked this amazing Cut Rite Meats Pork Butt on his smoker and these are the amazing results you could have too.
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-$3.99lb The Pork Butt Super Sale
Cut Rite Meats

-$3.99lb The Pork Butt Super Sale

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PORK BUTT: Click on arrow to customize (2 SIZES to choose from).  Please note in Special Instructions how many roasts you want cut into.

Pork Butt Super Sale $3.99lb at Cut Rite Meats (Limited Time Sale Starts June 26, 2021)

2 sizes and price points. Perfect for Pulled Pork: 10lb + 5lb. Incredible Savings!

Reg $29.75 for 5lb = $5.95lb

  • NOW Pork Butt Super Sale $19.95 for 5lb = $3.99lb

Reg $49.50 for 10lb = $4.95lb

  • NOW Pork Butt Super Sale $39.95 for 10lb = $3.99lb