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Welcome to Cut Rite Meats. The home of fine quality meats

Our Specialty

Quality natural farm raised beef, chicken, pork, and buffalo. We also custom cut wild meat, make great jerky and the best sausages in town.
Wild Game custom cutting $1.00/lb
  • hind quarter of beef

    A-AA-AAA Beef

    By the pound $3.89/lb

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  • Buffalo_RibEye

    Buffalo & Elk Steak

    Juicy 6oz steaks

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  • beef patty

    Beef Patties

    6oz patties 5lbs
    $32.95 per box

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  • ground buffalo

    Ground Buffalo


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  • regular ground beef

    Regular Ground Beef

    Fresh or frozen ground beef (8lb packs)

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  • beef patty

    Buffalo or Elk Patties

    4 – 6oz Patties

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  • Buffalo & Elk Jerky

    Buffalo & Elk Jerky

    $9.95/100 grams

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  • Beef Jerky

    Beef Jerky

    $4.95/100 grams

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  • extra lean ground elk

    Ground Elk

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    Steak Sale – Starting from $10

    Available in 1lb and 2lb packs

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  • smoked ham 2

    Smoked Bone in Ham


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  • pork chops

    Pork Chops

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  • Pepperoni Sticks

    Pepperoni Sticks

    $4.95/100 grams

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  • BBQ Pig

    BBQ Pig

    30 lb BBQ pig

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  • Natural Smoked Bacon

    Pork Side Bacon

    Natural Smoked Bacon (no additives)

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  • free range pork

    Free Range Pork

    Average weight 100lbs

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  • ground pork2

    Ground Pork


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  • Chicken Leg

    Chicken Leg

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  • ground chicken

    Ground Chicken


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  • boneless_skinless_whole_chicken_breast_1

    Chicken Breast

    2 Kg Package Natural

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  • turkey

    Fresh Turkey


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  • OM-S Garlic Sausage

    OM-S Garlic Sausage

    $5 – $10 rings

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  • elk game meats

Natural Grain Fed Butcher Shop in Calgary, Alberta

A place for you to buy steroid and antibiotic free natural meat in Calgary

Home of the best T-bone steak in Calgary, Cut Rite Meats has been serving Calgary with savory meat options for over 40 years. Whether you’re looking for a 1-pound hamburger, or a whole side of beef. Cut Rite Meats has quality, natural meat choices for you! All of our meat products are grain fed, making us Calgary’s top natural butcher shop. We have been putting natural fed meat products on your tables for years and we plan to keep it that way. Learn more about our unique history.

Calgary’s best quality meat butcher shop

We take pride in what we do, and it shows in our quality meats and customer service to our loyal customer base. That is why customers come back to us, time and again, for all their meat needs. Because of our focus on quality, most of our business comes from word-of-mouth…or is it word of taste buds?

Grain fed quality meats for sale

We are Calgary’s grain fed meat butcher providing you with meat products that are 100% grain fed with no antibiotics or steroids added. Cut-Rite Meats prides themselves in putting healthy, natural meat products on you’re tables for your whole family to enjoy. Take advantage of ordering your grain fed meat products online today!

Calgary’s #1 wild game and custom meat butcher

Our custom game service is the best. We NEVER mix meats. Storage available for $10/day. We are available outside of regular business hours (24 hours a day) for appointment only drop off of game meat. Please call (403) 272-5159 during our business hours to set up your appointment. You go hunting, we take care of the rest! Ask us about jerky, smoked sausage, pepperoni, patties, steaks & all other cuts.

Your local BBQ meat packages butcher shop

If you’re having a barbeque, Cut Rite Meats can supply all your BBQ needs with grain fed meat products! We have a full line of natural beef, pork, lamb, poultry and buffalo products—all perfect for grilling! Choose from a prebuilt meat package or customize a meat package to satisfy you’re craving! We know you’re busy – take advantage of ordering you’re meat package online!
We have plenty of parking available, so you’re always assured of a good spot. And we have wheelchair-accessible space as well.